Why do all dreamers share visions of Flight?

Is it the longing of the spirit to be free of the meat and bone and dirt of mortal life?

Do we tap a shared memory of some long lost history, where we could soar at will?

Or is it simply base jealousy that propels minds into  the clouds?

For how can anything that flies be burdened by sorrow or want?How could anything that dances with the wind stay still long enough to hurt?

What would one give to find out?

What would one give to fly?



3 thoughts on “Icarus

  1. As they say, you can never completely see till you truly let go of all that binds you. And the one with more worldly underlying intentions would never be able to do that. On the other hand, the one without them would not even think of other alternatives than to be free.

      1. Aren’t joy, pain and love mortal bindings as well..Simplifying the problem, its just about setting the priorities right..Mortal bindings or Eternal soul searching..

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