Dances with wolves.

A Profound conversation between me and a friend

And of course in the interest of anonymity we’ll just call these two Jack and John .

On the balcony, Jack and John are having drinks and a cigar.
Jack: Have you ever shot it?
John: Just target practice.
Jack: I can’t fathom a Liberal like you owning a gun.
John: That’s one of the problems in this country. We have

two camps, those who like guns and those who
don’t. Why can’t there be a middle? Why can’t we say okay to guns and okay to gun legislation? Why does it make someone a Pinko-Liberal-Girl if he supports background checks and bans on assault weapons?
Jack:That’s a sexist remark, you realize that?
John: What?
Jack: That Pinko-Liberal-Girl. Girls can like guns!

He gives a look.
Never mind. Just let me drink.
A beat.


I am sexist. When I see a woman my first
thoughts are sexual. It’s not that I don’t respect
intelligence.It’s not that I wouldn’t want a woman
to be
president, I’ll even admit to the possibility that
are emotionally and intellectually superior to men.
I cannot deny there’s a part of me that sees a woman
as this big human mitten perfectly designed to keep
my cockles warm on a cold winter’s night.
Jack bursts out laughing.

Oh John. It’s cultural. It’s biological.
And… it’s fun. There are many ways men go dead as
they age. One way they start incorporating all the
learned, the politically correct behavior and thoughts
into who they are, and in the process, deny what they
John:What are we?
Jack: Animals! Today’s evolved men talk to

each other about politics, and kids and education.
They talk about anything and everything and yet are
profoundly lonely. Why? Because they’re ashamed to
share their most base instinct. You and I are not like
that. When we’re ninety we’ll be sitting on a park
bench, a pretty girl will go by, we’ll say, “Look at the rack on that one!”
You and I will never, ever be lonely.
John: And if the girl has a boyfriend who comes

to confiscate our walkers?
Jack: I’ve got my gun!
John: Oh, I feel better already.
Jack: You should. John, embrace your inner wolf. You listen to Jack now.

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