The Plunge

As he stood there at the kitchen counter, indecisively looking hard at the utensil clenched in his hand.He felt a shiver down his spine, that somehow resounded through his stomach  till his Adam’s apple, which gave a slight jolt.

He lost track of time, as he stood there staring, without blinking.In his hand, he held it, pointed and sharp, glistening

with a bright luster,”Is death all that bad?” he thought to himself.

Then instinctively, he took the plunge.The Acute end met with it’s target, it cut through effortlessly in a single stroke.

Liquid oozed through the sides, where it had made it’s mark.

And it was done.

He was going to die.

He said to himself “Not today” as he took a bite.

For he had dismembered a piece of chocolate truffle cake.


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