A look through my eyes


A lake side lunch at Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu seems like the best thing to do around here in summer. Have you ever noticed? Flowing water was always more beautiful than the falling kind. Getting drenched in a wet rain is in no way comparable to the comfortable soak a lake this beautiful can offer!




In life you always go up, Up is where the God’s are, Up is where the blue skies are, and obviously my lodging with my loving bed πŸ˜‰




Sometimes the picturesque things in life are the most admired. All of a sudden it is like you’re a part of a beautiful painting, you’re where the action is, you’re a part of that beauty. Epicness redefined.




A long walk in a comfortable weather with my iPod on getting me into this mood of serenity and appreciation for this world of beauty, just awakening the poet in me- That is the dream! πŸ˜€ #BarneyStinson




Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I live near a paradise

And I didn’t have a clue!




The plant life in the world and us, we all have a strange co-relation. The stronger ones can survive in the wild and flourish in it’s untamed beauty whilst the tender ones need to be nursed, cared for and protected from destruction.





The view atop a hill, it’s the most humbling thing if you ask me. Suddenly the whole world is just a picture on canvas and the men inside, mere specks of ink.






I never understood why pink is considered feminine. Pink is the color of innocence. Maybe there’s some hidden meaning that all women are innocent. Hmm… strange.. I don’t remember them that way! πŸ˜›





No boundaries or fences can lock mankind out. We live through our senses. When there is beauty we inhale it with our eyes and embrace it in our minds, be it a hundred miles away!




Neon-green. It looks great on my shoes. It’s the only kind of green I ever liked. I guess, that is just the child in me. Who likes the color of goop right? Then comes this pale attractive cabbage (?) of sorts flipping my world upside down!




The best thing about a road trip: Having a private window to stare through the whole time!




More is always good. Can’t you see?





These flowers out here, so beautiful that even the nursery that houses them has acquired this vintage appeal.


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