WHO are YOU?
WHY are YOU here?
And no, this isn’t some post about the origins of the universe or about the evolution of these primate species which regards itself to be sentient beings.This is not about the universe or even the world at large.No, this is merely domestic and yeah, by that I mean just about YOU.


There are things that define us and people that do the same,the latter is more prominent for the more celebrated entities we know of.

Megatron:who would you be without me, Prime?

I believe that pretty much sums up, what I’m trying to talk about here.

Who is

Optimus Prime without Megatron

Superman without Luthor

Batman without The Joker

Ironman without The Mandarin

Harry Potter without Voldemort.
I could go on.

But for us lesser mortals, there are more things to consider.

Consider any post-apocalyptic novel,

Look past artificial intelligence and nanobots for a moment, and instead think about the very core of what’s above. If you do that, you’ll see it for what it truly is at base: people facing situations. Situations that, absent bells and whistles, any of us might face ourselves.

When disaster threatens, people do whatever they must to survive.

There are always people who have more, and others with less. Those who have less will almost always wish for more… and might be willing to fight to get it.people are people, who want the same things we want today: to be fed and sheltered, to be loved, to feel comfortable, to have security and power, and to have the freedom (and the wealth) to do as they wish.

I could have written one of my “goth” epics (possibly called “Your Smartphone is Ruling Your Life — and Also, Santa Hates You”) and talked about how we’re addicted to technology and how our forward path is a slippery slope.

We work to untangle life’s thickest knots by exploring them through our lives.

You can go through life like an automaton, or stay curious about the world around you.

You can live a script, or discover what truly moves you.

You can live unconsciously, or live every day with your eyes wide open.

You might not be the Realm & Sands sort (not everyone is), but if you want to understand life through story, and live a better one when you’re off of the page.A character defining moment can include some sort of change, a decision between right and wrong, a decision in general, an accomplishment, etc. To put it short, it is something that not only shows who you are to other people, but to yourself, as well. In a way, it can be an epiphany or a “light-bulb” moment. Just something that shows you who you are. It’s not just big events either; even the smallest of things hold the potential.

Just take a Look at this,

That’s basically how I work!


But getting more to the point,I don’t know that we’ll find any true, objective answers. The best questions are fated to remain just that — but we as humans we long to explore them, and make sense of our world.our work allows us to constantly know ourselves better. Knowing ourselves better helps us to live our best possible lives.

So,right now I’m still working on defining myself and I keep changing the definition from time to time,and that’s okay!

How would I define myself right now , you ask?

Don’t know yet, still discovering. I keep getting amazed at what i discover. I guess I’m a little of everything, a lot of somethings and too much of nothing, A kid in the toy store, a man in the bookstore, a baby at the doctor, a friend when I’m needed; I am human, inhuman, a hopeless romantic, a growing cynic, but most of all I am not the average.”
~ Balaji Palatine.

and as a Closing Note I would like for you to remember,

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
~ Oscar Wilde


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