Why do I do this?

“The universe is made of stories, not atoms,” poet Muriel Rukeyser famously proclaimed. The stories we tell ourselves and each other are how we make sense of the world and our place in it. Some stories become so sticky, so pervasive that we internalize them to a point where we no longer see their storiness — they become not one of many lenses on reality, but reality itself. And breaking through them becomes exponentially difficult because part of our shared human downfall is our ego’s blind conviction that we’re autonomous agents acting solely on our own volition, rolling our eyes at any insinuation we might be influenced by something external to our selves. Yet we are — we’re infinitely influenced by these stories we’ve come to internalize, stories we’ve heard and repeated so many times they’ve become the invisible underpinning of our entire lived experience.
During the Middle Ages, the dominant monoculture was one of religion and superstition. When Galileo challenged the Catholic Church’s geocentricity with his heliocentric model of the universe, he was accused of heresy and punished accordingly, but he did spark the drawn of the next monoculture, which reached a tipping point in the seventeenth century as humanity came to believe the world was fully knowable and discoverable through science, machines and mathematics — the scientific monoculture was born.
This day, this ERA is the era of SCIENCE.Gone are the days when people blindly believed what religion told them,what was prophesied and superstitions alike!We do not blindly adhere to faith anymore.WE question it, after all we are the only species on this planet who have the biological capabilities to do so.
When we have the ability to question,why not ask the question?
That’s what science is all about!There’s a reason for everything that happens.”All the world’s a stage..” said Shakespeare and well he was right!We all have parts to play in this world, every tiny organism, no matter how insignificant has a role to play, a duty to fulfill, a purpose to seek out and complete!So what is yours?
More importantly what is MINE?( Well in all fairness this is my blog and hence, My problems matter more! 😛 )
Well, that’s a question I am gonna put on hold, my incessant pondering was brought to a halt by something that just struck me!
Why am I putting all this Online? I do this a LOT.Thinking of random things, pondering the way the world works, but I’ve never wanted to put it all online before.I’ve never even written it down!I just let those thoughts fade away….
But Now I wasn’t doing that anymore and this somehow is, well, Liberating!And I began to reason with myself, as to why it was this way.
We’re social beings wired for communicating with one another, and as new modes and platforms of communication become available to us, so do new ways of understanding the complex patterns, motivations and psychosocial phenomena that underpin that communication and our perception of our belonging in society.
When we write about emotional upheavals, people’s physical health improved, indicating that putting emotional experiences into language changed the ways people thought about their upheavals.When people put something into words and write it down and they tend to feel better maybe a sense of closure?
Well maybe that’s why I do this.With all this drama in my life, I want to feel better.
So, this is Why I do what I Do!
Guess all this pondering got me an answer to one of my questions!
All in a day’s work 😀 😀


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