The parting of ways

Have you ever had that one person to whom you’ve said “GOOD BYE” to but you were never able to go through with it?
That one person who you’ve bid goodbye a million times but you never really could stop taking to them.The times you shared, those memories that seem to haunt you, the fun times,those late night nights spent texting, all those stuff you shared, all those
conversations you’ve had, when you meet that one person who you can spend hours talking to, about anything at all, no holds barred.
Sometimes you’ve even spent talking about nothing at all, just enjoying each other’s company.
Maybe it didn’t start out like this,we didn’t start out great friends but we had surreal convos from the beginning.
When two people who know absolutely nothing about each other can spend hours talking to each other, you don’t get that easily, actually most people never get that
but when you’re lucky enough to get that and yet you throw that away?
Now, that’s foolishness,at it’s peak.The other person might actually regret meeting you at all.Getting this close to me,something they deeply regret.That HURTS.
But I’m not allowed to be the one who’s hurting.Because I’ve been the one who’s doing all the hurting!When you actually leave a person like that for
the crummiest reason possible, that shows your true color,That they deserved better than the likes of you.Because they CARE.When that person cares for you no matter
what you did to them,no matter how much hurt you put them through,no matter how unfair you are to them, no matter how many times they cry because of you,
BUT even after all that whenever you need someone to talk to, when you’re really down and out, they are there for you.Like an ANGEL. YOUR ANGEL.
They help you,be a great friend even though you never were.Someone once told me,
“Life’s too short to be scared.Do what you want now.No regrets”
Well I’ve never been that brave,I was always a coward.I was never fair,and this went on, yet that person did so much for me
but I think this time it’s final, Actually I think it’s better this way.
I mean I’ll never be able to do what’s right.They can’t just be around forever pretending that they’re not hurt,something had to give,
and I just gave it a PUSH.And then it came crumbling down, all upon me.
How can you expect them to stay even after all this…?
But the heart wants what it wants.
But right now, there’s this part of me that’s relieved that we’ve said goodbye, maybe it’s for the best,
because of the fact that,she’ll be better off without me, I know I sound like I’m the one sacrificing something here, but that isn’t the case, it’s quite the
Goodbye can actually be for the better,I know that I’m the kinda person people get over soon, and when they do they will be Happy.
So maybe I can make that person happy, finally.

“Lies and deceit aren’t uncommon to this world
For a gardener would do averything in his power
To achieve the love of his rose
No matter the number of thorns she has on her
He wouldn’t hesitate to give up everyhting
He wouldn’t hesitate to destroy anyone on his path
Without thoughts about the consequences of his actions
‘He struggles on through the road
But unfortunately all the gardeners destroy me
Plowing through the walls erected around my heart
They earn a place there
Only to reduce it to little pieces and fragments
The result of this destruction is more misery
The girl with the innocent eyes is gone
To be replaced by this wretched ghoul
Who would hurt everyine to protect her heart
This new girl has been hurt beyond belief
She says “This is it. I can’t do this anymore.” every night
But ends up doing it all over again
Because of this thing called hope
I wish she would really withdraw herself
I wiish she would eliminate all the possiblites of grief
Because anymore of this would leave me barren
With no heart and no sleep.”



3 thoughts on “The parting of ways

  1. I could tell it with a different twist. One that broke from a thousand second-chances. And finally did. All she had to do was say two words and everything would have gone differently.

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