Palatine’s Funeral

Well for those of you who don’t know who Palatine is, I tell you, he’s a figment of my imagination 😉 . Well to be fair I thought he was real… Palatine to Me was a guy who was well, an ideal, if you will…
Have you lived all your life thinking that you’re a decent person, that people look at and Thought he’s not so bad…
My perception of him was very different.
He was this really cheery guy! The guy who Didn’t take no for an answer…the guy who was this socially awkward, intellectually badass(read “nerd”) guy who people didn’t mind having in their lives… Palatine would be the Nice guy who didn’t say much, was the silent type, but to the people who took the  effort to know him he was the guy who had an opinion on EVERYTHING, he’d be the guy who’d spend a lotta time on the internet talking to people cuz he was too chicken to do it the old fashioned way, and to a certain few people he was a great friend, the guy who’d cheer them up no matter what,He was this hyperactive guy who was a bit too melodramatic.. Way too cheesy for his own good..!!
Well all that was who I thought palatine was. And Boy was I wrong. I found out the hard way that palatine, he was really all just my imagination. That he NEVER existed! He was after all a figment of my imagination, but he was close, close to my heart.. So guess I figured I’d hold a funeral, an obituary if you will…
To pray he rests in peace!


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